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About Cadbury

The all-time favourite chocolate brand of Indian Households-Cadbury

Cadbury is undeniably the charismatic brand which each one of us associates with finger-licking chocolates and snacks. The brand has carved out an almost indomitable position in the Indian Chocolates and Snacks Industry over the years. 

Owned by Mondelez India, the flagship venture of Mondelez International, Cadbury is winning the Indian Hearts with its sweetness for more than 70 years. Cadbury India started its operations from Thane in 1948. In the span of the last 70 years, it has managed to capture more than 70 percent of the market of chocolates and confectionery products in India.

The roots of the Cadbury can be traced back to the United Kingdom of the early 1800s. The company has expanded and diversified to more than 150 countries. India is one of Cadbury's most significant markets. Mondelez India currently holds at least 3500 employees in its multiple plants across the country's length and breadth. Cadbury is mainly known for its chocolates. However, it also offers a malt-based drink and snack items.  

The influence of Cadbury products is so immense on the Indian minds that people have switched to Cadbury Chocolates from regular Indian sweets to commemorate various occasions. Whether it is Diwali or Christmas, Cadbury’s Celebration Packs and Combos are in-demand everywhere. Cadbury India has managed to garner great interest from the masses with some appealing advertising campaigns. They have roped in top Indian celebrities to endorse their different brands. The company is also recognized for initiating the Cocoa Life Program, which is successfully running for over 55 years now in South India.  

Cadbury products are known for their unique taste and texture. Lucrative deals are available on the different Cadbury chocolate combos and confectionary items from time-to-time.

Product Range

Let us check out the several products that come under the umbrella brand of Cadbury.

Chocolate Brands

Dairy Milk- available in 23 distinct varieties such as Milk Chocolate, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Caramello, and Cookie Crunch

Dairy Milk Silk- The premium sub-brand of Dairy Milk, Silk comes in around 6 variants 

Gems- The pack of crunchy colourful candies with a chocolate filling with rainbow-hued shells

5-Star- The soft combination of caramel, nougat, and milk available in many classic varieties

Perk- The fantastic mix of chocolate and wafer

Bournville- The bittersweet delight, one of the most loved dark chocolates.

Choclairs- The classic candies with caramel stuffing

Fuse- A fusion of caramel, peanuts, and milky cream

Celebrations- The delightful combo of various Cadbury chocolates which has replaced traditional mithais

Beverages and Milk-based Drinks-

Bournvita- The malted milk-based drink available in chocolate and caramel flavours

Tang- The fruit-flavoured refreshing powdered drink


Oreo- Cream-filled sandwich cookies that enchant people of all ages

Bournvita Biscuits- The biscuit for all Bournvita lovers

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