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About One Plus

OnePlus is a leading smartphone manufacturing company that came into being in 2013. Two former Oppo employees Pete Lau and Carl Pie from China, laid its foundation. In just two years of its inception, Oneplus made funding of a whopping $1 Billion.

The brand has become one of the most favored ones in the Indian smartphone market. The tag line of OnePlus – “Never Settle” is highly relevant in the context of its objective. The brand started with the aim to sell high-quality smartphones with advanced features at minimal prices.

OnePlus launched its first mobile phone, called OnePlus One, on April 23 of 2014. Only a handful of people owned OnePlus back then. One of the only ways to purchase OnePlus in India was via an invite system. Only Amazon had the exclusive right to ship the phones. Since then, OnePlus has never looked back. From its humble beginnings as an online-only smartphone brand to being a global giant, the journey has been quite a commendable one.

OnePlus is no more limited to just mobile phones. The brand has expanded its offerings to TV, protective cases, tempered glasses, cables, earbuds, and much more. The high-end quality of the products at low prices is what majorly attracts consumers. Have a look at the huge assortment of products you can get from the Indian online portal of OnePlus:

Product range

Phone: OnePlus 8T, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7T

TV: OnePlus TV Q1 Series, OnePlus TV U series 55U1, OnePlus TV Y Series

Cases and protection: OnePlus 8T 3D Tempered glass screen, OnePlus 8T Bumper case, OnePlus 7T Pro Bumper Case, OnePlus 7T  Protective case, OnePlus 8 Bumper case, OnePlus Nord Bumper case, OnePlus 8 Andre protective case, OnePlus 6T Protective Case, OnePlus Nord 3D Tempered glass screen, OnePlus Nord Bumper case, OnePlus 8 pro Bumper case

Power & Cable: OnePlus power bank, OnePlus wrap charge 30 wireless charger, OnePlus wrap charge Type-C cable, OnePlus wrap charge 30 car charger, OnePlus Type-C adapter, Dash car charger, OnePlus wrap charge 65 power adapter, OnePlus Type-C OTG cable, OnePlus wrap charge 30 power adapter

Audio: OnePlus buds Z, OnePlus bullets wireless, OnePlus Type-C bullets earphones, OnePlus buds, OnePlus bullets wireless 2, OnePlus bullets wireless Z series

Gear: OnePlus Tv-Netflix remote, OnePlus explorer backpack, OnePlus JCC baseball cap, OnePlus tote bag

Now you do not necessarily need to own an iPhone to experience those wonderful features; you can have an android backed phone with just as marvelous software features and undeniably, at affordable prices.

The huge pool of choices, low prices, and astounding quality will definitely get you clung to OnePlus. Want to get a discount?

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